Welcome to Happy Seeds Farm! 
Update, Feb 2018: We're moving!
We started our small scale family run farm on January 1st 2016 in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast of BC.  We had great success and really enjoyed growing organic seasonal veggies for the community, restaurants and cafes who were so supportive of our farm and produce. We are so grateful of our time learning, growing and taking in the scenic beauty of the coast. Unfortunately we can no longer maintain the lifestyle of moving back and forth between the city and the coast to farm so this will be our last season on the coast. We have started to move our infrastructure and equipment back to the city. We are growing 8 rows of garlic (4 varieties) planted from Fall 2017 on our Gibsons plot. We will be at the farm occasionally to attend to our garlic however we will not be attending any markets or have any farm stand sales available. :( We apologize to those who will be sad to see us go but we are glad there are so many other wonderful family run farms on the Sunshine coast supplying lovingly grown produce for you all. We want to thank everyone who supported us through our farm stand, the markets, our CSA and our city box program. We couldn't have done it without you! Many thanks to each one of you for your encouragement, support, kind words and well wishes, especially the Riggs! A shout out to the GFC and Dave for your inspiration and welcoming us warmly to the farming community. We will miss the coastal community very much. 
We're not completely out tho! We have connected with a farmer in Maple Ridge, BC who is looking to take a step back from the farm enterprise and work with another couple-like us! who want to continue farming the land, growing organic food and providing food security to the community.  It's within reasonable proximity to our primary residence which makes much more sense for us now that we also have a little guy in tow and family life needs to be a bit more grounded these days. We will continue growing organic produce and we are excited to be adding seasonal fruit and berries to our repertoire. We will also be attending a few farmer's markets in Maple Ridge and Port Coquitlam but will mostly be selling our produce through our weekly box program. If interested, please get in touch. We can always provide you with a weekly, bi-weekly or once in awhile box! We will be in the Fraser Valley for 2018 so stay in touch on our facebook page or via email. 
 Any questions, comments or feedback can be directed to our contact page. Thanks for visiting us!