January 2019

After a big move from the Sunshine Coast to Maple Ridge BC in 2018, we have made the difficult decision to take 2019 off from farming. We have a young child and it has been difficult over the last 3 years to maintain a family life balance while trying to farm seasonally in one of the most expensive areas in the country. We really love it but its been a slow process to be financially stable as farmers!  For that reason, we plan to work hard in our regular jobs and save. We can also take some farming courses, network and really sit down and plan out what we need to do to make this viable for our future. We are also determined to upgrade our townhouse to a detached house with a yard for our little guy and dog; hopefully get a big enough yard that we can grow tons of food on it! So we have to put some time into our house which has been neglected over the last 3 years. Our son will be 5 in 2020, so he will be entering Kindergarten, which should give us more time to focus on other things as right now my entire life seems to revolve around him. I personally found farming so much easier when he was only 5 months old and spent most of the day sleeping so I could really focus on the seedlings and being in the field. The last 2 years have been chasing him around the fields so it feels like I haven't been able to focus on anything but him. I get bogged down with the responsibilities of mom and adding our farm move and sort of starting from scratch again with new landowners was challenging to say the least so I think we are making the right decision to stop, take a breath and come back at it with new energy and focus before we burn ourselves out. Farming is supposed to fun too and we want to keep it that way so this year we will be focusing on viable farming options for the city life. Stay tuned :)