It all started with a seed...

We are graduates of the Sustainable Agricultural Practicum at UBC (2015) and have found a passion in getting our hands dirty and squishing wire worms. Turns out were pretty good at growing vegetables too! We are a small scale, family run farm focused on growing flavorful, nutritious, and unique vegetables that tell a story of our past, yet present us with a sustainable future in food. 

We enjoy growing varieties that you just can't find in the store but we also grow the usual suspects too. We support rare and endangered seed growers; purchasing only organic and open pollinated seeds because we want to encourage genetic diversity and protect seed identity for future generations. Plus, they make for awesome tasting veggies! 

We have fun growing and eating them and we think you'll have just as much fun learning about and eating them too!  So get ready to treat your tastebuds to some fabulous and delicious veggies that you'll look forward to every growing season from Happy Seeds Farm!