This is where we started...

We are graduates of the Sustainable Agricultural Practicum at UBC (2015) and have spent the years since growing food for our community on small patches of land in the Lower Mainland. We live in a townhouse in Port Moody, BC and love it but we're itching to find our forever piece of property to live and farm on (once we win the lottery in this land of milk and honey!) however in the meantime, we've got a great relationship with landowners in the Kanaka Creek area of Maple Ridge where we have been leasing land and growing garlic and veggies for the past 4 years. We currently only grow garlic varieties but still have dreams to get those veggies going again in the near future! We consider ourselves  small scale, family run and focused on growing flavorful, nutritious and heirloom varieties that tell a story of our past, yet present us with a sustainable future in food. 

We like to support rare and endangered seed growers; purchasing only organic and open pollinated seeds because we want to encourage genetic diversity and protect seed identity for future generations. 

Thanks for supporting local farmers!